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Our Mission

Story of Alice and Bob

Let’s try to understand the problem that we are trying to solve here at Tech Takshila using a story which most of the fellow software professionals can relate to. Once upon a time, we had an Alice and a Bob (the evergreen names). Alice enrolled in a renowned engineering college in computer science course. Meanwhile, Bob joined the MBA program at a reputed management university.

Fig 1: Alice and Bob graduates in engineering and management programs

Alice secures a software engineering job and Bob joins as a product manager in top-tier tech companies.

Fig 2: Alice and Bob secures their dream jobs

Fast forward to three years later

Alice feels that there’s a gap in her breadth of knowledge, which gives her a hard time in designing systems at work and in her interviews. Alice realizes that to stay fit in the industry, she needs to keep brushing her skills. She starts looking for online resources and gets overwhelmed by its massive quantity. With the force of sheer willpower, she sits down and puts her software engineer hat to calculate how much time it would take her to cover the entire syllabus end to end. But soon enough, she realizes that it would take her years to complete what is recommended in those resources. This sends her into a downward spiral whenever she starts thinking about preparing for a change in her career.

Meanwhile, Bob is having a hard time communicating with technical folks in the team. He feels overwhelmed with the technical jargons, which techies frequently use in the meetings. He also has to rely on data engineers heavily for his analytical needs. Bob looks up resources online to learn technologies which he needs to know; however, he realizes that the resources are pretty generic and aren’t catered to the needs of modern-day product managers. Often, these resources are quite exhaustive, and Bob has no clue about where to start and what to learn. This negatively impacts his productivity at work and it shows up in his performance reviews.

Fig 3: Alice and Bob share their work-related problems

Tech Takshila’s attempt to rescue Alice and Bob

One of the primary reasons behind the problem we discussed above is this gap between school and corporate. Often, there are two possible scenarios: either the basic concepts and their applications required in the industry aren’t taught in schools, or even if they are taught, students aren’t aware of their industrial applications. Due to this, professionals like Alice and Bob may feel unfit for the industry, despite toiling away their precious time and sincerely delivering the value that is expected of them.

We at Tech Takshila aim to bridge that gap with the vision of enabling tech professionals to succeed in their career. We are trying to solve this problem by partnering with tech professionals having experience at top tech companies (FAANG) and leveraging their expertise to develop content for our readers. This will help in gaining the breadth of knowledge, which otherwise is difficult to get. One may ask but why we are sharing this with the world for free. We think that knowledge increases when shared and knowledge empowers people to build a better world.

Fig 4: TechTakshila – Get fit for tech industry